Need to know's

What basin options have I got?

Lots; pedestal basins, semi-countertop basins, countertop basins, under slung basins, cloakroom and hand wash basins.

What materials are basins made of?

Generally china although other common materials used include stainless steel, copper, porcelain enamel and cast-iron.

How many tap holes will my basin have?

In most cases the choice is yours. O taps holes for wall and work top mounted taps. 1 tap hole for mono block mixers. 2 tap holes for separate basin taps. 3 or even 5 tap hole for more specialist taps

What is a pedestal basin?

A pedestal basin is a basin designed to fit on a matching pedestal. Pedestals are generally available as full (floor mounted) or semi (wall hung).

What is a semi-countertop basin?

A Semi-recessed basin is designed to sit into a piece of furniture or a countertop. They normally have an overhang at the front.

What is a countertop basin?

A countertop basin has a flat bottom and is designed to sit on top of a worktop.

What is an under slung basin?

An under slung basin is designed to fit under a worktop it gives a wonderfully clean look. Under slung basins do not have tap holes.

What is a hand basin?

A hand basin is generally a smaller version of a pedestal basin. Normally it is hung on the wall with brackets, though it is perfectly possible to find basins that sit on pedestals.