Need to know's

How many different types of toilet are there?

Back to wall toilets, close coupled toilets, low-level toilets, high level toilets.

Tell me about inexpensive toilets?

Inexpensive toilets are normally mass produced and moulded in just one piece; these toilets are generally described as “open rim”. When flushed the water falls round the inside of the rim until it loses momentum and drops into the pan.

Tell me about more expensive toilets?

Better quality toilets tend to be made in two parts. The rim of the toilet is moulded separately and rather than being open is boxed with a number of access holes allowing for a more accurate flush. That in turn cleans and clears the bowl to a better degree. These toilets are described as box rim. Another reason that one toilet is so much more expensive than another is the failure rate in certain designs. Before a toilet is put through the kiln it is around a third larger than the finished article, as the clay dries it can distort causing more intricate and specialist designs to have a far higher failure rate than the mass produced toilets.

Are there any other types of toilet rim?

There is a third type of toilet called “closed rim” these types of toilets are designed to be used in areas where an exceptionally high level of cleanliness is required such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Do I need to think about the outlet at the back of the pan?

Yes most toilets sold in the UK today are HO (horizontal outlet) this means the soil is designed to go straight out the back, this is inconsistent with many of our customers bathrooms although it is generally overcome by introducing bathroom furniture or simply boxing.

Will any toilet seat fit any pan?

No, there is what is widely accepted as a “standard shaped bowl” that accepts a “standard shaped seat” however the vast majority of toilets sold today have a seat that is unique to its design.