Shower trays

Need to know's

What shape shower trays are available?

Lots; square, rectangular, quadrant (rounded at the front), offset quadrant, pentagonal (3 sided 50 pence piece), offset pentagonal.

What sizes of shower trays are available?

Too many to list however standard sizes start from 700mm to 1700mm

What height of shower trays are available?

Today the fashion is for very low profile shower trays. Many manufacturers now offer shower trays with as little as 30mm of height. Shallow trays are an alternative to wet rooms, giving the look of a wet room with all the benefits of a securely fitted tray.

What materials are shower trays made out of?

Acrylic, fireclay, steel, resin stone. There is no wrong choice when choosing a shower tray material although you do get what you pay for. Wherever else you choose to save money buy a quality tray. To change a shower tray once fitted is incredibly difficult and expensive. Poor quality cheaper trays have a tendency to move and give underweight which invariably leads to leakage.